We Install Better Pest Prevention Measures

The right insulation offers pest control in Decatur, GA & Surrounding Areas

Are you worried about the animals who might be moving into your attic or walls? Are you looking for a better deterrent than warm, fluffy insulation? Decatur Pest Control installs cellulose insulation as part of our pest control services in Decatur, GA and the Metro Atlanta Area. Our treated insulation helps keep unwanted insects and rodents from making a home in your hidden spaces. The boric acid on the insulation is flame retardant, is a deterrent to fungus and acts as a pesticide. Learn more about pest control insulation by contacting Decatur Pest Control today.

3 worthwhile reasons to install pest-control insulation

Cellulose insulation provides inadequate housing for small mammals. There are numerous other benefits to having the insulation installed:

  1. It increases the insulation value in your attic
  2. It brings the insulation up to standard for heating and cooling
  3. It is made of recycled newspaper

Our services include the removal of the old insulation. Call 404-296-4044 today to get an estimate on pest-control insulation installation in the Decatur, GA area.