Absolute best customer service and best prices you are going to find anywhere! The technicians are personable and professional. We have been with them for 5+ years and have never regretted it. A few years ago I texted them when I had a black widow in my bathroom in a panic and they were out early the next day to take care of it and inspect the house- free of charge!! Lovely people and great company. A+++

Lauren S.

Great company to work with. Quality service and products.

Skip HotDogs

When I found an actual termite in a dresser of mine...I called Decatur Pest Control to ask them to come assess the problem. He came straight over and looked over the piece of furniture. He knew everything about termites as well as all kinds of options for treatments. When I said I couldn't afford the typical treatment he explained what I could do on my budget...and really I am so grateful!!! He told me everything I needed to know to try and fix the problem. He didn't charge me anything for his visit. When I do have another problem...I will for sure call Decatur Pest Control. I was very happy with the help and service!

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I called Decatur Pest Control over concerns about bedbugs. I had stayed in a rental cabin recently and also had a stray dog in my home after finding her abandoned. I woke up to a tickling and a bug in the bed but was unsure whether it was an actual bedbug. DPC came out immediately, within an hour of my initial e-mail to them. They checked the house and told me there were no signs of an immediate infestation and told me what to look for, all at no charge. If (please no) it does turn out to be bedbugs, I feel confident I can spot the problem quickly and I will absolutely call DPC for their assistance. Wonderful, competent and swift customer service

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