Termite Control in Decatur, GA & The Metro Atlanta Area

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Termites can easily be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. In addition to being unpleasant pests, termites can inflict physical damage on your home. Getting rid of them before the damage is done will save you costly repairs down the line. The trained exterminators at Decatur Pest Control are equipped to handle termite infestations of any size.

Professional termite control in Decatur, GA & Surrounding Areas

Professional termite control in Decatur, GA & Surrounding Areas

Store-bought options for termite control, such as sprays or powders, can be harmful to your family and pets. They often don't get the job done either. Hiring a professional termite exterminator will ensure that your home or office's termite problem is solved for good.

We offer many professional solutions for termite infestations, including:

  • Liquid treatments - quick and efficient liquid chemical treatments are used to rid your home of damage-causing pests.
  • Termite baiting - edible bait is deployed into and around your property, causing the termite population to gradually decrease. While this might take longer, it can eradicate entire colonies.
  • Insulation - we'll install cellulose insulation that's been treated with boric acid, which keeps the termites away.

Don't let your residential or commercial property fall victim to termite damage. Contact Decatur Pest Control today to schedule your free inspection.