Rodent & Rat Control in Decatur, GA & Surrounding Areas

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If you live in or around Decatur, Georgia and Metro Atlanta, you know you can count on Decatur Pest Control to rid your home or business of insects. But did you know we also take care of larger problems? We provide wildlife trapping and exclusion services if you’re dealing with meddling wildlife, such as possums or raccoons.

Rodent problems? Ask about our rodent & rat control services

Rodent problems? Ask about our rodent & rat control services

One rat or squirrel is a pest. Several of them are a problem. If you're dealing with rodent or squirrel infestations in your Decatur, GA and Metro Atlanta home, then wildlife exclusion might be the right solution for you. Exclusion works by installing metal in between the edges and frames on the exterior of your home or commercial building, especially in the attic, gutter system and foundation areas. Those areas are then sealed off, preventing critters from sneaking into your home or office.

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